The End Of The Internet

A few years ago we had a lot of fun. Many of my friends had ‘Blogs’ about books, cats and many other things. We left comments and we received comments. It was a wonderful time.

If people work together in groups it is a fact that a small group is more efficient than a big group. This actually spoiled the good idea of the Internet. This and a few more awfull things like idiots, hackers, criminals and…. advertisement. Yes, profit of course. Profit is the God of our time.

Nowadays, instead of receiving nice comments all the websites get spammed. Nobody likes to leave comments or cannot leave comments because smartphones are good for leaving ‘likes’ and stupid comments (hello Facebook, Myspace and Co.!).

Attacks, pishing and comprosing websites will continue. Every smartphone, tablet and even fridges will need an IP. We soon will reach the end of the road, friends.

So things do not get better and I bet in about two (in words: 2) more years the Internet will collapse.

I will celebrate that day and read a good book.


Well, The Free Trade Agreement….

Well, to my opinion the Free Trade Agreement between US and Germany…. sorry… I mean…. (I wonder why they keep details secret). Ok, my opinion about the… giggle…. Free Fake Agreement, err.. I mean the Fee Trade Agreement, oh, no… sorry…. giving investors the right to seek compensation, ha, ha, do they think we are stupid? Ok, let me continue…

Free Trade Agreement

Free Trade Agreement


As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By

Media in change


Belle Knox

In America, the cost of higher education has sky-rocketed to the point that few can now afford it. The Republicans in Congress have recently allowed the costs of student loans to nearly double for the enrichment of their banker friends, and so the burden of paying off the high interest on student-loan debt for years into the future has become so onerous that many young women are having to resort to some creative ways of making enough money to afford their college tuition. My sister, who is graduating from college this spring knows a few girls who are trading their bodies for cash. Apparently, it has become common practice for young college girls to enter into sexual arrangements with older men who want be their ‘sugar-daddies’. The girls have sex with these men for years in exchange for part of their college costs being covered. My sister and I were fortunate enough to come from a family that could afford to send us through college, but even I resorted to modeling all through my undergrad years at Ohio State to earn extra spending money.

Now, a young freshman coed from Duke University has been outed by one of her classmates as a porn-star!  Miriam Weeks, an eighteen year old student has embarked on a career in porn in order to pay for her college education. She kept a low profile for months fearing reprisals from administrators at Duke University, but one of her classmates spilled the beans and she is now in the news for her decision to resort to acting in porn films to finance her education in women’s-studies. Miriam adopted the stage-name Belle Knox, and has appeared in several porn-flicks with both men and women. The news of her venture has  gained her exposure on the talk-show circuit, but it has also garnered her the negative reactions she feared by Duke University officials and from the student body. She has even received death-threats from southern red-state hate-mongers and sanctimonious Christians who condemn her actions.

But here is the thing… these people who condemn her actions are the very same people who voted into office these right-wing Republicans who are responsible for doubling interest-rates on student loans. They themselves have created the situation which forces young girls to prostitute themselves in order to be able to afford a college education, and then they have the shameless audacity to condemn them when they are forced to trade the only thing they have left to bargain with, their bodies! These are the same reactionaries who fight tooth and nail to keep America from subsidizing higher education like other developed nations in Europe do, because they are terrified of the word ‘socialism’. As a nation we have decided to sacrifice our future by refusing to invest in the education of our young people. This puts us at a severe disadvantage when we are in competition for jobs with other countries which have wisely decided that paying for their children’s higher education is a national priority. This is also a contributing factor to the vast inequality in wealth and income which now threatens the economic future of America.

(c) March 20th, 2014 – Bethany Ariel Frasier



(c) March 16, 2014 – Bethany Ariel Frasier


No Reason to Cum to Amerika



Siren Sappho


Homeward I sail to the shores of Lesbos

Sappho is my Siren

Once outward bound I faced away

And saw not home and comfort

My course was plotted by others’ hands

To learn the worldly way

And seek what others sought before

Our nature to betray

We did not know the sails we set

Were sewn by hands so foreign

That we would lose the memory

Of lands where we were born

And now in foreign lands we laughed

We met our sisters old

But found them bound to strangers’ hands

Whose touch seemed coarse and cold

And knowing not our nature true

We begged and served as they

Believing we would learn this world

And change it to our way

But natives we would never be

We could not change our skin

For we were fair and they were coarse

And would not let us in

To one another did we turn

Despairing of the touch

Of hands which took but would not give

The things we need so much

So hear we now the Siren call

That carries ‘cross the wind

And draws us back to lands we left

To family and kin

To Sisterhood we draw our ships

To Lesbos we aspire

And in her folding arms we hold

Each other in desire

(c) 2007 Bethany Ariel Frasier


Dance With The Devil

I often wonder about the ‘partners’ of the USA. It tells a lot about themselves.

Let’s have a look at Al-Qaeda, which has attacked civilian and military targets in various countries, mainly against USA. Does anyone knows why Al-Quaeda was foundet? Well, when the Russians invaded Afghanistan the United States had a perverted plan. in 1988/89 together with Pakistan, financed by Saudi Arabia, they installed’ Al-Quaed in order to fight against the Russian Invaders. Oh, yes, a few young fundamentalist and woman-hater soon were following – the Taliban

Thanks to Saudi Arabian money Al-Quaeda and the Taliban were born!

Amerika, this is YOUR partner? Do you know the import of bibles and crucifixes is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia? Executions, killing of Christians, suppressed women – I could spit of them!

Here, read more! Enjoy what these bastards (Friends of America) are doing:




VIDEO CLIP FROM DEMOCRACYNOW (Listen after 8 minutes of video):

Amnesty International – Lamri Chirouf saying:
“The government arrests suspects from their homes, from the classroom, from the university compounds, from the streets, and locks them up with no right of access to a lawyer, no right to challenge the decision of being detained. They are often held in solitary confinement for lengthy periods. There are many who have alleged to have been tortured. They are held incommunicado for months, without their families knowing where they are.”

“Arbitrary Detention and Unfair Trials in the Deficient Criminal Justice System of Saudi Arabia”

Download Report in PDF: