Band Camp

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“So where did you DO it”? Sheryl asked impatiently.
“In a PRACTICE room! They’re sound-proof”! I said smugly. “The whole band was playing 20 feet away and she was moaning and screaming her head off when I wiggled her baton inside her cunt and no one even heard us”!
“Geeez, Beth”!
It never got old. I’d used that story of me seducing the head majorette at my school twice since I’d gotten off the bus, and it garnered the reaction I was going for each time. This time I embellished it a little with the ‘fucking-her-with-her-own-baton’ part, but these girls were freshmen from a small town school band and they would have believed anything. And hell! …I only wish I’d THOUGHT of fucking her with her baton when I was DOING her! Being called a slut by one of the girls who stomped off after the first time I told my tale was a plus too! She’d tell everybody here at band camp I was a fucking dyke and since the counselors did such a good job keeping the boys and the girls separated, there’d be some horny babe sniffing around me to see if the rumors were true. Good hunting! I LOVE band camp.

“OH SHIT”!! Sheryl’s bunk-mate Kate, Kait-LEEEN …whatever-her-name-is, had just discovered the shaving cream some “slut” had left strategically in her pillow. I gave her a glance and she was drilling holes through me with steely blue eyes. Pretty eyes actually. I gave her a smile. She gave me the finger.

Ordinarily I’d be busting my butt to MAKE this fire-haired twig of a girl because she was frikkin gorgeous, but she was only a freshman and too damned good a drummer. I had my turf to protect. This was my third summer at band camp in Indiana. She was new, from around Chicago somewhere, and already impressing the instructors…which was MY job! I got a little nervous watching her improvise a new stick-beat using some garbage cans as her drum kit after she arrived yesterday, so I used a couple of 5B Vics on a picnic table and drew an audience of my own doing some flamadiddles and sixes with some backsticking thrown in for panache! She was not amused. …OR impressed!

The thunder of a drumline shook the dorm from across the quad and Kate and I looked at each other and raced for the door. As she was squeezing through ahead of me I pulled her back by her bra-strap and tripped through ahead of her. I could see I was going to be competing with this girl at EVERYthing for the duration so I wasn’t above a little… DAMN! I felt my pants being pulled back by the drumsticks I had tucked into my waistband then gave a yelp as they were shoved hard down the crack of my ass. She raced around me. Now THAT’S one cute-assed bitch! I was beginning to like her!

After practice, Karyn the bass horn player from Terre Haute wanted to go skinny-dipping in the pond beyond the woods to cool off. Ninety-some teenagers packed into a small band room for 2 hours and we were all sweating in the summer heat. I couldn’t resist. She was the only girl here from last summer I knew was bi. Her embouchure definitely hit the high-notes on my clit last summer and I was getting horny. My tits had grown substantially since I was last with her and I was anxious to see how hers had fared. When we got to the short stretch of pebble beach between the trees and the water we looked around for any guys who might be lurking and quickly stripped off. She noticed my boobs immediately and had to weigh them with her hands before we dove in. “NICE”! she chuckled. She was still small-breasted with those exquisite puffy nipples I so loved!

Before we had the chance to do more than give each other a hug and a kiss as we swam together, three girls came running down through the clearing in the woods and asked us if the water was cold. Karyn bobbed up out of the water displaying her wet, hardened nipples and the tallest girl exclaimed “Oh my God, she’s skinny-dipping”! Karyn laughed and got behind me and hoisted me up so my tits were above the water and the girls giggled nervously, but kept their bras and panties on as they splashed into the water with us. We swam out to the float in the middle of the pond and climbed up to sun ourselves while the other girls swam closer in to the shore glancing over at us frequently. “We gotta turn some of these girls before we leave” I snickered. “Who’s that drummer you’ve been razzing, with the red hair”? Karyn asked. “She’s my new project! She’s hot but she’s probably straight”. I sighed. “And probably a TOTAL prude”! “They padlocked the groundskeeper’s hut we used last summer”. she said. “That’s OK. Lying bare-assed on bags of mulch wasn’t that romantic anyway! Don’t worry. There’s going to be a black-out in the dorm tonight”. I said as I leaned over and kissed her stubbly pussy.

As I was leaning down I noticed a slender red-haired girl on the beach holding my top up and looking out across the water at me. I couldn’t make out whether it was her, but when she stooped to gather up my shorts and underwear and disappeared back into the woods leaving Karyn’s clothes un-touched I was positive who my practical joker was. Shit! she even took my towel! I’d have to borrow Karyn’s under-wear to get back to the dorms and wrap myself in her wet towel!

“Thanks for leaving my flip-flops”. I said as I passed Kate lounging on a bench along the path up to the quad. “Mmmmmm…” she replied absently, not looking up from her magazine. I finished my climb up the path from the pond and found my clothes neatly folded and sitting on top of the last fence-post. As I pulled up my shorts and noticed my panties were still missing, Kate passed me coming back up the path. “Truce”? I offered. She looked over her shoulder and just smiled at me. “Where are my damn PANTIES”? I shouted before she disappeared around the curve opening onto the main campus. I realized several boys walking up the path behind me had heard me and I felt like slinking into the woods with the squirrels!

It was the middle of summer and it stayed light well into the evening. I was fidgeting and horny and couldn’t wait for darkness to fall but I had some time to kill before I could hatch my plan and slip into bed with Karyn. Kate was sitting on her bed across the room with her back towards me and I found myself watching her over the book I was trying to concentrate on. After re-reading the same paragraph three times over, I gave up and caressed her with my eyes. She was incredible. My gaze cascaded down her slender back following her glowing, silky hair. Just above the band of her shorts her whale-tail peaked out seductively, grazing two of the sexiest sacral dimples I’d ever seen! She was writing something on a notepad and my curiosity got the best of me so I padded up behind her and knelt one leg on the edge of her bed. “What’s that”? I asked. She looked over her shoulder at me for a moment suspiciously and I knew I had to do something to wave a flag of truce so I casually placed my hand on her shoulder and studied what she had scrawled on her note pad. “Its a new cadence”. she said after deciding I had nothing up my sleeve. “Those flams”? I asked, wondering at the tiny x’s next to her quarter-notes.

I smelled her freshly-washed hair as I leaned over to point to her appoggiaturas. My loose collar fell forward as I leaned down and I knew if she glanced over she could look down my shirt and see my breasts. I did everything I could to get her to look over at me and finally resorted to insulting her penmanship. She looked at me as if I was crazy and I caught the lowering of her gaze and the hesitation I was hoping for. I tapped out her cadence with my nails on her pad so she’d think I wasn’t aware of what she was looking at. I could almost FEEL her heartbeat racing and then realized mine was too!

Karyn came in and threw herself down on my bed looking at me with a sly expression. Kate immediately turned away as soon as she heard Karyn walk in and we both burned red as if we’d just been caught having sex. I wondered what she was thinking and feeling while my own thoughts ran wild with possibilities that probably only existed in my fantasies. It was dark out finally and I was as hot as the stifling August air. I pushed myself off of Kate’s bed and told Karyn I was heading for the showers and with a wink asked her if she wanted to join me. We grabbed some towels and headed out the door and I was aware of Kate turning to watch us leave together.

Karyn and I used our shower as foreplay, lathering each other up erotically until my fingers slid in and out of her silky slit lubricated more from her slippery juices than from the soap suds. I asked her if I could shave her pussy and she giggled, handed me a razor from the tile ledge and pulled her lips open for me. I was anxious to taste her once again and wanted her silky smooth since her puffy outer lips drove me wild. We couldn’t keep our hands off one anothers’ bodies so we rinsed each other off and she asked me how we were going to get any privacy. “We’re not”! I said. “But it will soon be completely dark in the whole building and nobody will be able to see what we’re doing anyway. And if they hear us, who cares”! She gave me a quizzical look knowing I was up to something again and I smacked her wet bottom with the palm of my hand. We dried off and I slid into my flip-flops and told her to go wait in my bed. The stairwell outside the bathrooms led down to an exit on the backside of the building where I had seen an electric meter panel with an old-style kill-switch underneath. Since my family was in the property management business I’d picked up all kinds of tricks like knowing about meter panels and kill-switches, and where they were located. …And the lights went out all over the building. By the time someone had gotten a maintenance man on the quad on a Sunday night and he’d figured out what I’d done, Karyn and I would have given each other a couple of sweet orgasms in the peaceful darkness.

I raced back up the stairs tripping a couple of times in the darkness and heard girls milling around the halls trying to figure out why the lights had gone off. “The power’s still on over at the student union”! I shouted, and most of the girls filed down the stairs and out of the building. Perfect, I thought! Nobody to hear us either! I ran my hand along the wall and counted the number of doorways in the darkness until I reached our room and called Karyn’s name. “Over here”! came a sultry voice in the darkness from the general vicinity of where I guessed my bed to be. The air was still but slightly cooler than the hot summer night outside so I left the windows shut to keep what was left of the air-conditioned air still in the room and peeled myself naked. I felt around and found her thigh and climbed on top of her kissing my way up her skin until my lips discovered the soft hillock of her breast. I rolled my cheeks over her soft nipples and felt them stiffen as her breasts rose suddenly with a sharp intake of breath. “Oh GOD, Beth”! she whispered breathily. I smiled and sucked her tit into my mouth and suckled her while her hands stroked through my still-damp hair. “Oh, that feels so good”! she exhaled slowly. Her thighs parted beneath me and I fell into the void between. My tummy was tickled by the fine wisps of down I’d left upon her mound which pressed into me. As my breath grew heavier I felt her hips roll upwards and her legs folded around me. Her labia opened and her wetness touched my flesh. I tensed the muscles of my tummy to feel more of it paint my skin. “I am SO wet”! She exclaimed breathlessly. “Fuck me with your nipples”!

I eased myself down between her thighs and grabbed the fullness of my breast guiding my hard nipple into her slippery-wet split. She gasped as my erect nipple wiggled the soft petals of her inner lips apart and disappeared between them. I dipped the point of my breast into her well over and over coating myself with her silky excretions. I treated my other breast to the same pleasure and felt her lift her pelvis upwards to press me into her sex more deeply. “Let me suck your tits” she said under her breath, and I pulled myself from between her legs and wiggled myself up so I was straddling her slender waist, lifting my breast to her lips, which she tasted eagerly. My fingers combed through her hair which was already quite dry from our shower. I wondered why mine was still cool and damp but the thought evaporated with the chilling thrill of her lips tugging my nipple anxiously into her mouth while her tongue reached around my aureole to lick all of her juices off my boobs. I pressed my breast into her mouth and spread my knees farther apart on the bed to touch the dangling petals of my inner labia to her tummy.

Her fingers quickly slid under me and into my soaked pussy. While the tingling pleasure of having my breasts sucked was making me weak, the sweet invasion of her fingers into my most private places nearly made me collapse. Her thumb was massaging my clitoris just as her fingers inside me were tantalizing my g-spot! Karyn had learned a few things since last summer. She had never “reached” me like this before and I was putty in her hands. My orgasm came on me so irresistibly I was amazed. So often it would be elusive and I would have to get a perfect fantasy in my mind to open the door for it, but this climax was raw and overpowering! It continued to roll through me in waves of pleasure which left me weak, but I wanted nothing more than to give her the same pleasure she had given me.

“You wanna be fucked or licked, sweetie”? I asked Karyn lying naked beneath me.
“Do me like you did the majorette”! she begged. Right about now I wished I had a baton, or even a glockenspiel mallet, but all I had handy were a pair of fat 2S nylon-tips and I reached under my bed and pulled them out of my back-pack. I licked the nylon head of one of the over-sized drumsticks and rolled it around and around the soft folds of her sex until I got the feel of where her clitty was, then wiggled it around her nub until she was twitching and trembling. I could smell her wet sex and knew she was soaked, so I scrunched down between her thighs and gently guided both my drumsticks into her slippery cavern. My tongue played over her clitoris and she wrapped her legs around my back digging her heels into the recesses of my scapulas. I removed one of my drumsticks from her pussy and wetly circled her rosebud with it, finally letting it sink gently into her relaxing pucker. She LOVED that, and I carefully slid it into her anus more deeply while sucking her labia deep into my mouth. I swallowed her silky cum as it was now pouring out of her and could barely breathe I had my mouth and nose pressed so deeply into her sex. The intimacy of feeling her juices trickle down my throat made me moan into her muffling muff and she started bucking like crazy! I slid my upturned palms under the soft, wet globes of her ass trying to keep my mouth centered on her pussy and I finally had to gasp for breath as she giggled and squirted my face when she climaxed.

The wet spot her ass squirmed in was huge and I knew I’d be sleeping with my butt in a puddle later, but the smell of girl-sex was delicious and it wouldn’t be the first time I slept in wet sheets! We were both quite sweaty now and our skin slid easily over each others as she pulled me up to kiss her cum from my face. Karyn had never been this good in bed before and I was glad we were alone in the room because darkness or no, we’d never have been able to keep what we were doing from the other girls if they were in earshot of us. As her tongue plunged into my mouth, I felt her hands happily patting my rump. I remember it so well because she was slapping out an interesting rhythm on my cheeks, which suddenly struck me as odd for a girl who was a horn-player! I also wondered how Karyn knew about my majorette story as she hadn’t been around any of the times I had told it. Suddenly men’s voices jarred us rudely from our intimate moment as I realized they had traced the blackout to the meter panel directly below our window and the lights would come on any second! Girls’ voices could be heard too, accompanied by their clomping feet coming up the steps. Karyn pushed me up and off of her with an “Oh my GOD”! We scrambled in the dark to find our footing as we both practically fell out of my bed and she ran out of the room as I was looking for something to throw around me. The lights came on before I found anything and I was standing there butt-naked with a guilty look on my face when two of the other girls who shared the room walked in! “Someone steal your clothes again, Beth”? one of them giggled.

Monday morning was burning hot and the drum section was in formation with the rest of the band for marching practice. The only saving grace was that we weren’t in full uniform, but our high-stepper drum rigs were uncomfortable enough even through our wool uniforms, but in shorts and a cotton top the drum straps were killing me. My drum seemed to weigh a ton for some reason. We were waiting for the brass section to form ranks and Karyn kept looking back at me from the bass-horn line trying to get my attention. She was mouthing something I couldn’t hear over the blare of the tubas warming up. I shrugged in puzzlement at what she was trying to say to me, so in exaggerated dramatics meant for me to lip-read she enunciated: WHERE-WERE-YOU-LAST-NIGHT?! which left me even more puzzled, but before I could answer, two sharp whistle-blows from the band director called us all to attention just as Kaitleen came running up to join the other end of the drum-line. The next whistle sounded for ‘cadence’ and all the drummers poised their sticks in the air to beat the marching-cadence which the drum-line soloed as the band stepped off to march. My sticks unexpectedly crashed through my drum-head on the first note spattering white, fluffy shaving-cream all over my arms and face and through the thunder of the other drums I heard Kate laughing her head off! I glared over at her after wiping shaving cream out of my eyes but suddenly I realized the cadence she was playing was the same rhythm that happy hands had slapped-out on my butt the night before and my jaw dropped as it dawned on me who my bed partner really was last night! How Kate had lured Karyn out of the room before I got there I hadn’t a clue, but my secret lover was now looking across the drum-line at me mischievously and blew me an affectionate kiss.

(c) 2010 Bethany Frasier

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  1. Mmmhhh.. I love this story! If you shave my pussy, too then I will tell you how often I read it already!


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  3. I am certain you will agree with me here; this is definitely one of the best stories ever written!

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