Russia Again Against International Law

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30 Greenpeace activist were held at gunpoint by Russian security officers who stormed the group’s ship in the Arctic. The Greenpeace members tried to board a Russian oil platform to prevent it from drilling.

A Russian coastguard ship fired shots across a Greenpeace ship

A Russian coastguard ship fired shots across a Greenpeace ship

Russia, this is against International Law.

An armed coastguard points a gun at an activist aboard a Greenpeace boat

n armed coastguard points a gun at an activist aboard a Greenpeace boat

To Russia and all the other irresponsible acting greedy countries:

Stop drilling in the Arctic!

Long live Greenpeace – let the activist free!

Greenpeace also said its vessel was boarded in international waters and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release the crew immediately.

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The Mean-Spirited


(Otherwise Known As My Shit List) (Not a Complete List) (Not In Any Order) -The Taliban who kill women for educating themselves and who destroy world heritage sites and historic artifacts if they are not Islamic. -The Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading

The Daily Horror: Aleppo’s River of the Dead

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Syria – another country torn apart by politics. People suffer and people die because of self-interested parties. Dictator Assad, Russia and aggressive neighbours like Israel and Iran are not interested in peace nor are they interested into the people. They simply search for power.

The men from the collection point for the nameless dead always come during the morning. They descend from a major intersection in the Bustan al-Qasr district to the small Quweiq River and bring the bodies that have washed up overnight to a courtyard, where they are wrapped in white sheets and photographed before being left there for a day. This is the place where people looking for missing relatives come to find them.
River of Death Alleppo
Last week, dozens of corpses were found on the shore of the Quweiq River in Aleppo, Syria. Many appear to have been students at a nearby university who were murdered by the regime after travelling to the city for exams.

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Giant Dam violates Brazilian Rainforest


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The construction of a giant dam in the Amazon region of Brazil is threatening parts of the world’s largest rainforest. But the indigenous tribes living here are keeping quiet in return for millions of dollars in promises. The dam is … Continue reading

Returns to Commodities Speculation

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Don’t play with food, my mom always said – but specs do.

Many financial institutions and multinational organizations view speculating on food commodities as a dangerous game and a contributor to global hunger. Despite its bruised reputation, is leaping back into the business.


This is precisely the business that organizations such as Foodwatch and Oxfam, and even United Nations institutions such as the Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), hold partially responsible for hunger in the world.

The fact is that, in recent years, an enormous market has developed for financial products used to speculate on fluctuations in food prices. Critics say that these deals drive up the prices of corn, rice, wheat and other commodities, making food unaffordable for many in the Third World.

Its’ a shame!

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