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The day I first noticed Chrisor was the day I learned my newest manuscript had been accepted by my publisher. I was stoked because it meant I was finally back! I had a book-signing in an Upper West Side bookstore for the first novel I had in circulation since my two-year exile from the literary world and now my second was going to press. A mind-numbing case of writer’s block had put my budding career on hiatus, but my fortunes seemed to finally be turning. The enchanting young girl standing next to one of my readers caught my eye innocently enough. She bumped into the table I was sitting behind and knocked over the stack of books I was signing with personalized messages to a queue of my loyal readers. She was unfortunately not even familiar with my work, but her upper lip was so endearingly frosted with foam from the mocha latte’ she was sipping out of a Starbuck’s cup that her lack of literary acumen was one of any number of minor sins I could have forgiven her. She was simply adorable and adorably unaware of it. As her friend sidled up to my signing table and presented me with her copy of my latest book I was so distracted by her friend’s charms that I could barely keep the inscription she requested in my mind when an avalanche of hard-covers cascaded towards me.

“Chrisor! Oh my GOD!” was all I heard, but in the confusion which ensued I wasn’t likely to forget the name of this beautiful young klutz, who in her effort to help contain the damage she had precipitated was even now making it worse by inadvertently spilling cafe’ latte’ all over my books! Her friend was mortified. My mood, still buoyed by my recent good news helped me take this minor calamity in stride and see the humor in having a river of hot coffee run over the edge of the table and onto my silk skirt. A flustered representative from the bookstore rushed over and without knowing quite what to do first helped to pull me out from behind the book-table which filled most of the alcove of a store-window display. By now even passersby walking outside the Broadway storefront could see the commotion going on inside the store window and a curious audience was gathering on the side-walk. Mostly tourists I suspected, as indigenous New Yorkers were rarely phased by such minor catastrophes. While the store clerk was asking the indulgence of the people who had been patiently standing in line for my autograph, I took the opportunity to ask the two young ladies their names while pulling out Kleenex one-by-one and sharing them with the embarrassed young girl who was quickly trying to sop up spilled coffee from the dust-jackets of a tumbled pile of my books.

“Oh, don’t worry about that!” I smiled, and helped blot up spilled coffee from the hounds-tooth fabric of Chrisor’s purse instead. “Are you from the city?” I asked to lighten the mood.
“You’re kidding, right?” said Meghan, who after rolling her eyes behind Chrisor’s peripheral vision couldn’t for a moment believe either she or her clumsy friend could be mistaken for New Yorkers. “No, we’re here to check out a couple of colleges we want to enroll in. She’s looking at Columbia and I’m interested in NYU.” she explained.
“Both great schools!” I assured them. “Have you been to the campuses then?”
“No! We just flew in this morning. Our hotel is two blocks down and I wanted to see Broadway first. We walked past and I saw your name in the window. I told Chris ‘I know her! I read her in high school!’, so I had to come in and, ummm… make a mess of your autograph table!” she said sheepishly and gave her friend a nudge in the ribs.
“I’m SO sorry!” Chrisor finally got up the nerve to say after turning several shades of red.
“Hey! Read my books like your friend here and I’ll forgive you!” I laughed. We stood off to the side chatting while several of the staff from the store cleaned up the table and brought out a few more stacks of my book.

“Have you two been wrecking shops all up and down Broadway, or is this your first?” I teased.
“No”, said Chrisor, “Meg wanted to meet you in person so I thought I’d give you both something to remember each other by.” She smiled innocently and I knew her joking meant I had at least put them both at ease, but she immediately offered to pay for all the damaged books, albeit with some trepidation in her voice. I shook my head and told them they could make it up to me another way.
“I’ve got no one to share dinner with after I’m through here, and I hate eating in restaurants alone.” I said. “Why don’t you both join me for dinner? I just signed another book deal today so I have something to celebrate and no one to celebrate with. It’ll be my treat!”
They looked at each other and both seemed excited by the offer.
“We accept!” exclaimed Chrisor, speaking for both of them.
“Listen!” I said, “I’ve got to get back to signing autographs, but I never finished inscribing your book, Meghan. You’ve got to give me some time to think up something witty to say about our awkward introduction. Take in some more sight-seeing up and down the street and come back around dinner time and I’ll have your book ready for you.” I promised.

My two new friends jostled their way out through the crowd which had accumulated around my table and they were giggling and animated as school girls. After I had settled back into my routine of signing flyleaf inscriptions, Meghan and Chrisor waved at me through the glass from the sidewalk outside and I smiled and shewed them on their way. I kept Meghan’s book off to the side and kept thinking about what to jot down about our brief encounter, but I was seriously thinking of the prospects of a more intimate message, and hoped I might have a reason for writing one if I waited awhile. I was hoping Meghan was even now telling Chrisor the subject matter of my books so she would at least know that my field of interest (and expertise) was the awakening of young girls’ interests in lesbian love. At least I wouldn’t be dining alone! Several more monotonous hours of monogramming passed and having met a good number of my fans who were both flattering and flirtatious, I found myself eager to see the lovely face of the one girl I’d met this afternoon who had never even cracked open one of my books. And just when I began to forsake the prospect of their ever coming back, they re-appeared, bobbing their heads out so I could see them moving towards me through the trailing end of the line. I signed one last book and looked up at them with a smile. “At last!” I sighed. “I’m famished!”

“You know you’re nothing like I expected.” Chrisor exclaimed with the exuberant enthusiasm of an eighteen year-old. “When Meghan dragged me into the bookstore and I saw the line we’d be standing in, I wasn’t picturing an author quite so young and attractive signing autographs. You don’t look much older than US!” Having just hit the big 3-0, her words couldn’t have been a better balm to my age-conscious psyche! We were waiting for the light to change at the busy intersection of Broadway and 77th on our way to the Manhattan Diner right across the street from my hotel.  I had Meghan’s book under my arm as we walked across the street together and claimed the right to keep hold of it until those special words came to me.

“Where are you staying?” I asked conversationally after we’d been seated at a booth in the crowded restaurant.
“The Riverside Tower.” Meghan groaned. “About 2 blocks down from Broadway on 80th.”
“Its a DUMP”, agreed Chrisor. “Its so close to the freeway we’ll never get any sleep and the rooms are so small and run-down its like someplace you’d go to commit suicide!” I pictured her dismal description of the run-down hotel in my mind as if bookmarking the setting for a scene I could use later in a story. She seemed really dis-heartened about their accommodations and I made a frowny-face in sympathy.
“I always stay at OTA across the street when I come to Manhattan. There are a lot of old hotels here on the Upper West Side that haven’t been renovated for awhile. On-The-Ave is charming however. You should cancel at Riverside and get a room over here tomorrow night!” I suggested. “I’ll take you over after dinner and see if they have something available for you tomorrow night.” They seemed relieved at the prospect of better accommodations and we chatted about things to do and see in Manhattan while they were in town. They were so animated and interested in everything, I knew they’d become converted Manhattanites just as I had on my first visit.

We discussed their choice of universities and their academic interests, their families and their hometown, and even though they kept coming back to me and my writing career, I was a bit hesitant to go down that road until I’d established a more personal understanding of where these attractive young girls were in there lives, socially and sexually. Choosing Manhattan for their education was a good indication that they wanted to be exposed to a sophisticated and worldly environment and I was anxious to show them the city I loved. And in a city full of beautiful young women, they would fit right in! I started with the basics.
“Have you got a Metro-card yet?” I asked.
“A what?” Meghan replied. I pulled out my black and yellow card from my purse and waved it absently in the air.
“It will get you on all the buses and subways. Its the first thing you pick up when you hit New York!” I smiled. “There’s a machine in the subway station 2 blocks up!” We covered the groundwork for a safe and successful stay in New York. I gave them some simple tips to avoid being taken for tourists, and then I ventured into the territory I was really curious about.

“Do you two lovely ladies have boy-friends?” I winked. Another groan from Meghan seemed to indicate it was a sore subject with both of them.
“I just broke up with mine two months ago and I wish Chrisor would dump the jerk she’s been putting up with for way too long. We come from a small town. There’s not much to choose from!” Meghan lamented. “You don’t have that problem, do you?” She smiled.
“No, and I see you’ve read between the lines of my books.” I deduced.
“I don’t get it it. What do you mean?” Chrisor queried innocently.
“Didn’t Meghan tell you what kinds of books I write?” I asked.
“No! She’s been trying to get me to read one for months though!” Chrisor replied. Meghan gave me a curious look and I wondered if her recommendation was based on my writing abilities or something in my subject matter she wanted Chrisor to read.
“She writes about lesbians, Chris!” Meghan blurted, as if subtlety had been exhausted. Chrisor’s eyes widened almost imperceptibly and I noticed her face was flushing ever-so-slightly as she hesitated before continuing the conversation. She looked at Meghan with a sideways glance as if something had just dawned on her and I began to feel sure that my books had given Meghan at least something to think about. Chrisor brushed a strand of her hair back and took a sip of her drink never taking her eyes off me as she cleared her throat. “Wow!” she finally said with a curious smile. “No wonder there was such a line at the bookstore!”

“Yeah, well… with the pervasiveness of the internet and social networks the youth culture has made bi-sexuality the latest thing.” I explained.
“You mean its cool to be a lesbian now!” Chrisor summed up.
“Oh yes, otherwise I doubt I’d be where I am in my writing career. Its a fascinating subject to write about because I have always had what you might call a personal interest in the subject.” Chrisor gave me a quizzical ‘go-on…’ glance and I felt it was time to clarify.
“I’m not a lesbian if that’s what you’re thinking.” I said . “I AM bi-sexual though, or ‘flexi-sexual’ if you’re into that new ‘hip’ term. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.” Meghan was staring straight at Chrisor now and I knew she was trying to read every nuance of her facial expressions. So I wasn’t the only one at the table who had my eye on Chrisor!

“You two owe me the honor of showing you around the city. I’m only in town for my book-signing but New York’s like my second home, and you should really see the city as well as its universities.” I said. “Why don’t we run over next door and see about lining you up a proper room and then we can spend some time planning your sight-seeing itinerary.” The girls were exuberant about my idea and so was I! I picked up the check and then we pushed into the Saturday evening crowd bustling down Broadway. The Manhattan air was electric on Saturday nights with the sound of taxi-horns and traffic echoing in the canyons of tall buildings and I was eager to share my evening with these two lovely girls. We ran across at the light and down the windy shadows of 77th Street to the entrance of my hotel. The girls were anxious to see my room to get some idea how they looked and I warned them in advance that I had splurged on a luxury suite in celebration of my new publishing contract, but no matter what the excuse, getting them alone in my room was a step in the right direction. After ascending to the 16th floor from the opulent lobby the doors of the elevator opened onto a wide corridor that was enclosed in a glass wall on one side and a garden terrace softly lit by footlights and the glow of the city just beyond. We turned from that lovely sky-line vista which Meghan and Chrisor were completely enraptured by and I slid my key-card to open room 1602 around the corner. I knew that if the girls loved the terrace they would be enthralled by my room which was enclosed by floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides with a private terrace similar to the one with which they had just fallen in love. It was a penthouse suite facing west and when we opened the door we were greeted by a panoramic view of the sun setting over the Hudson River. The girls gasped! “THIS is why I wanted this room!” I exclaimed.

The 16th floor of my hotel just cleared the tops of the buildings spanning the two blocks between Broadway and the river so the view of the Hudson and the New Jersey shore beyond was largely unobstructed. The shoreline lights twinkled in the water’s reflection mingled with the golden light of a beautiful sunset as it spread across the wide river. We all just stood transfixed by the sight. I slid the vertical blinds all the way down their track to the left so the view down Broadway could be appreciated too. The Ansonia Hotel in all its Victorian architectural glory could be seen just down the street at the point where Broadway bent in a dog-leg to the southeast and the corner tower of the Upper West Side’s glorious old landmark was bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. My two young guests were also swathed in the rich, warm light and my heart skipped a beat as it made their flawless skin glow in a sensuous warmth. I just stood and watched them watching the city. I let them explore the skyline while I dialed up the front desk and asked about the availability of a room for them. As the reservation clerk checked the bookings I decided that having seen my penthouse suite, the only room that would do for these two was this one! “Thank-you.” I said after the agent gave me her answer and I set the handset down with a soft click. “Girls, I’m afraid the whole place is booked-up!” I reported, and they were both visibly crestfallen. Having stayed in some dives myself during my first visit to the city, I knew how disappointed Meghan and Chrisor were feeling at the prospect of returning to their cramped and dreary room at the Riverside Tower.

“I want you both to stay here tonight, if you would do me the honor. This huge suite is plenty big enough for the three of us, and if nothing else opens up you’re welcome to call this your home for the duration of your stay.” Then I quickly added, “If I’m going to show you the city, it will be more convenient to have one base of operations anyway.” They looked at each other hopefully and I knew their only reservation was a fear of imposing on me, which I quickly dismissed from their minds. “We can take a taxi down to pick up your things and get you all settled in!” They both gave me a big hug and I told them this was going to be as much fun for me as it would be for them. I asked them when they wanted to look at the colleges. I would plan their tour of the city around their visits to the universities. We all sat on the bed and spread out my map of the city, then picked out all the high-points they wanted to see. I was thrilled at sharing Manhattan with them and got caught up in their enthusiasm. It wasn’t that many years since I had been the small-town girl in the big city for the first time, and I wanted to give them both an experience they would remember.

Since it was Saturday night, the first choice seemed obvious. Going out on the town! Taking in a show was an obligatory New York experience but since all the good Broadway shows were booked-up months in advance, we decided to go to a club instead. The city was filled with great dance-clubs and discos but given our topic of conversation earlier at the restaurant, I decided to take them to Henrietta’s, a famous destination of lesbians and bisexuals across the 5 boroughs of the Big Apple. We piled into a taxi and headed over to the Riverside to pick up their suitcases and heels. The lobby at the Riverside Tower was deceptively ornate! The rooms however were horrid! They couldn’t gather up their things fast enough! We checked them out and got them settled into my suite at ‘OnTheAve’, and then quickly started changing into dresses and heels for the club. Chrisor kept glancing at the open window as she pulled off her sweater and skin-tight jeans. Apparently, stripping in front of an open window was something new and daring for a small-town girl so I walked over and offered to close the blinds. “Oh-My-God, Chris!  You’re going to COLLEGE! Get OVER yourself!” Meghan blurted as if she thought a bit of anonymous and casual exhibitionism was de rigueur for the Big Apple. Chrisor shot her friend a wicked squint and to my exquisite joy she defiantly began peeling herself out of her bra and panties and strutted right up to the floor-to-ceiling glass, striking a nude pose for anyone who happened to see!

I nearly forgot to breathe! She was drop-dead gorgeous! Her small but perfect breasts silhouetted against the sunset made my heart jump! Meghan and I smiled at each other and began clapping our hands at her bravura performance. Chrisor however was going to make us put our money where our mouths were and ordered, “Come ON, you two! Let the world see what YOU’VE got!” Meghan looked at me and strolled up to the window pulling the last of her clothes off and twirling them around like a stripper, threw her panties at me to catch. With only a bit of self-consciousness, Meghan glanced down at the building across the street hoping the coast was clear, but then immediately ducked behind Chrisor when she spotted someone at the window directly below looking up at them. Chrisor grabbed her naked friend and pulled her out from behind her. “C’mon, coward! This was YOUR idea!” I looked out the window to see who exactly was getting a free peep-show of my two beautiful guests and couldn’t quite make out whether it was a man or a woman gazing up at us but whoever it was appeared to be transfixed by the gratuitous strip-show. Chrisor was clearly intrigued by the unexpected thrill of standing unabashedly nude in front of an anonymous audience and to my amazement she waved to her voyeur below. I gulped at the self-confidence this young beauty exuded and knew she was brave enough to try anything once, even if it took a little goading. Exactly the type of girl I enjoyed writing about in my books!

Meghan still stood at the window-wall beside her friend with her long hair pulled over her breasts and her hand pretending not to be strategically placed between the line of sight of her pussy and her audience across the street who now seemed to have a set of binoculars pressed up to the window. Chrisor however still stood unabashed like a naked goddess who knew her beauty ruled her realm! I was completely in awe of her charm and casually walked over to the big whirlpool on the dais and turned on the water for us to refresh ourselves before getting into our evening dresses. As I finished getting myself out of my underwear I noticed how much I had underestimated Meghan in my initial prurient obsession with Chrisor. Meghan’s round ass was mouth-watering and she had the deepest, sexiest sacral dimples I had ever seen! I could feel my pussy getting wet as I slipped my panties down my hips and the girls seemed to know I was finally standing naked behind them because they both turned at once and gave me a big smile. I tossed my hair around and made a sexy show of stepping down into the hot water as they both stared at me from head-to-toe, and the expressions on their faces told me everything I wanted to know. Their lack of shyness in sizing up my sexiness overcame any hesitancy I had about returning the favor and as they walked towards me, back-lit by the soft glow of the dusk I couldn’t take my eyes off them!

“OK. Here’s the deal!” Chrisor said as she slid into the bubbling water across from Meghan and me. “I know we’re going to have sex! Its all we’ve been talking about, but I’ve never done this with another girl before, let alone two! And Meghan is my best friend, so you’re both going to have to ease me into this!”
“Chris, I’ve only been trying to ‘ease you into it’ for like 7 months!”. Meghan said with a dry, acerbic wit. “You couldn’t read my signals?”
Chrisor gave her friend a coy smile and shook her head in an almost imperceptible shiver and said, “Well, I wasn’t sure until tonight! I would have done it with you if you’d have just overtly seduced me. God! I’m kinda easy!” She laughed. “You know I love sex!” She reached over with her foot and gave Meghan a gentle nudge on her breast, curling her toes playfully around her large nipple. Meghan lifted her foot up and kissed it and then looked at me and asked, “Are we doing this right? This is only my second time with another girl myself!”
“OK…WHO?!” Chrisor demanded, almost jealously. I could see Chrisor’s soft, puffy nipples constricting into stiff points surrounded by her dimpled aureola and I was suddenly enjoying the conversation immensely.
“Remember that foreign-exchange student from Belgium who stayed in my sister’s room last year?” Meghan prompted.
“Camille?! Oh-my-god!  She barely had any tits at all!” Chrisor rolled her eyes and giggled.
“Well Meghan does!” I said as I pulled her around between my legs with her back to me and reached around cradling her soft, full breasts in my palms. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and almost cooed as I played with her stiffening nipples.
“Alright!” Chrisor declared resolutely, “I’m SO going to make you cum more than that little Euro-tramp did!” Meghan had so plainly been fantasizing about her beautiful best friend for so many months I could safely say that was a given!

“Come and get her!” I said to Chrisor. While I held Meghan, Chrisor splashed over through the bubbling water and wrapped her arms around us, French-kissing first Meghan and then me. So much for needing to ease her into this, I smiled to myself as her agile tongue swirled around with mine. This girl was a world-class kisser and I felt sorry for her boyfriend whose days I was pretty sure were numbered. Meghan wrapped her legs around Chris and we both started sliding down into the water. Being the bottom crust in this 3-girl hot-tub sandwich I realized I was likely going to be the first one to drown, but hey! …what a way to go!

I felt Chrisor’s pussy-lips spread wide-open on my thigh as she slid in close to kiss her best friend. Her soft nipples pressed into my knuckles as my hands got caught between their pressing breasts. The trick to this I decided, was to figure out how to get more of my body between theirs! But this was only the first night we would spend together. Just being part of the mix was very hot and exciting! I had not been with an eighteen year old for  awhile and now I was with two! I hiked Meghan up so I could slide out from under her just as my lips and nostrils disappeared under the waterline. She backed her elbows up onto the ledge and pulled herself out of the water far enough so Chrisor could make good on her promise and as her beautiful friend waded in between Meghan’s thighs, I watched two best friends change the nature of their relationship before my eyes. It was the stuff of romantic novels and I was about to enjoy some hands-on research for what might undoubtedly become my next book.

Their kisses were deep and intimate, belying their professed inexperience and I knew these two felt completely at ease in each others arms. However long Meghan had waited for this moment, I knew she had played it out in her fantasies many times, perhaps in scenarios she had read in books I myself had written. My own role in how this particular story was playing out suddenly became of paramount interest to me and as Chrisor trailed her lips down towards Meghan’s sex, her gorgeous round ass inching ever closer to me, I availed myself of the glistening wet pudenda of the girl I had been enamored of since her mocha latte smile charmed its way into my heart only a few hours ago.

Only moments after Meghan’s soft groan as her friend’s tongue entered her pussy for the first time, Chrisor’s muffled groan could be heard as my tongue entered hers. My fingers reached between her legs and caressed her smoothly-shaved mons and in a moment my search for her clit was rewarded with her half-hidden nub swelling under my circling fingertips. Chrisor thrust her pretty bubble-ass up so my tongue could stretch deeper into her inner folds and my hand turned so my thumb could tug her hood up, completely exposing her hard nub to my teasing little orbits. Meghan’s legs wrapped around Chrisor’s back and almost the same moment, Chrisor’s thighs spread wider, inviting me deeper into her soft, oozing crescent. I felt a bit guilty about beating Meghan to Chrisor’s silky-soft pussy, but only a little bit. I considered it my commission for brokering this little tryst. And its always good to get your cut up front, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Desiderata. That which is desired. I had wanted her since the moment I set eyes on her, and as my tongue dove deeply inside her fleshy folds and pulled her sweet juices from within her lovely sex, the object of my desire squirmed and moaned so sensuously. I was delighted to know I was pleasing her because both Meghan and I wanted nothing more than for Chrisor to become an avid devotee’ of girl-sex. I was quite sure her boyfriend more than likely fell short in this department as do most males, occupying his attention with his own gratification over hers, so I wanted to give her every reason to convert. …for Meghan’s sake of course, I smiled to myself!

Meghan in the meantime was clearly in heaven. Her wild gyrations were giving Chrisor a challenge to keep her tongue buried in her best friend’s pussy, and in turn for me to keep my tongue centered on Chrisor’s magic spot. I even managed to position my pussy so that one of the water-jets was pulsating right on my clit. Being a romantic, I like to believe we all three had our climaxes at the same time, but perhaps it only seemed that way. It was very noisy for a few moments however! Meghan’s head relaxed back with a thunk and she appeared momentarily done-in, so Chrisor and I changed positions while her friend pulled a big towel around her and rolled on her side to watch us. After a deliciously long and passionate kiss that also gave me the exquisite pleasure of feeling Chrisor’s upturned breasts pressed into mine, we floated apart and tried to trib underwater with our arms stretched back to opposite lips of the tub to give us stability. We nestled our pussies together with breathless excitement while we were partially buoyed by the rushing currents of warm, bubbling water. After awhile we discovered that if we used our feet we could wrap together and push our sexes together in rhythmic thrusts of our pelvises which left us in such a heightened state of arousal we could barely keep our grips on the tub. It was beyond any pleasure I had ever experienced being joined with her so intimately. Meghan was thoroughly enjoying watching how enthusiastically her friend was throwing herself into her first lesbian experience and we both knew Chrisor was hooked!  She certainly was a quick-learner!

Meghan got so turned on watching Chrisor and me that I could see she was anxious to finally get to taste her friend’s pussy. I was just as eager to see her finally have her fantasies of Chrisor fulfilled, and I was nearly spent cumming from Chrisor’s soft pussy rubbing mine. I slid back and nestled myself against a water-jet and let the warm, pulsing stream massage my lower back while I watched Meghan sink her eager tongue into Chrisor’s sex. I lifted my leg up and ran my big toe through Meghan’s wet slit while she lapped up her friend’s juices with her lips and tongue. It was so exciting to watch two best friends become lovers, and better yet, to become MY lovers! My penthouse suite was filled with the sounds of carnal pleasures as we paired off in different ways into the night with the glow of Manhattan just outside our windows. I ordered some strawberries and champagne and room-service left with a nice tip and a truly unforgettable mental image. We never did make it to Henrietta’s that night!

(c) April 27, 2013 – Bethany Ariel Frasier

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  1. I would have spoiled the coffee over your skirt… looking at you through my wide-open-innocent eyes. Of course we would have found a quiet place were I could lick the coffee from your skirt…
    Thank you for this wonderful story, I enjoy it now… as I have breakfast and my belly starts tickling…

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  2. what a wonderful story 🙂 so recognizable LOL What a beautiful combination of sex and pleasure. Indeed its what women understand, what like my gf and i, what is the combination. i love it with an elder women indeed, she is so much more mature and know what pleasure is.

    Beth, thanks you for this lovely story 🙂 i just broke up with my gf in Rotterdam, i wish i could kiss your pussy and spent a few days with you 🙂

    At least you have no writers block LOL. But after our last talk i twitter again and tried to make some poems. You are great!!!! Love you !!!!!!

    kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss daisy

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