Femen Hijacks ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’

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The German hit television show “Germany’s Next Top Model” ended with a spectacular finale on Thursday night, but not because of an unexpected winner or other such publicity stunt. “Germany’s Next Top Model” is produced by Heidi Klum, a former model which – to my opinion – is everything but intelligent. So is the show, screaming girl, the thinner the better. Femen protests against «Germany's Next Topmodel»Since the first season of the model casting show aired in 2006, it has been criticized for setting a dangerous example for young women in Germany. Klum has also come under fire for her harsh and condescending treatment of “her girls,” as she dubs the show’s participants — many of whom are minors, like this season’s winner, 16-year-old Lovelyn.

In an interview with the weekly news magazine Stern this week, Klum said that her job required her to be honest with the participants. “If they want to eat four donuts a week and too much bread and cake, and if their body and skin suffer because of that, then I have to tell them that this is not the right job for them,” she said. Isn’t she stupid?


Sally Starbride


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Femen Hijacks 'Germany's Next Top Model', 6.0 out of 6 based on 1 rating

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