Good Morning America – Ideological Crusading

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I read the European papers and I wonder: what is going on? Some right-winged people with lots of money and a few people who have no idea of Global politic (sorry, dear Tea Party) are going to ruin a whole country.

The Republicans and and a few nitwits  achieve what Al-Qaeda did not achieve:

The destruction of American.

american crisisGood Night Free America, we will miss you!


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Good Morning America - Ideological Crusading, 5.4 out of 6 based on 1 rating

2 thoughts on “Good Morning America – Ideological Crusading

  1. America is just the first victim of the 1% corporatists. They will be coming for your governments too. Canada is already feeling them breathing down their necks! Get rid of the government, and get rid of the only regulatory power that can rein in corporate crime and the absolute power of the 1%. That’s what this is all about, getting rid of sovereign governments and replacing them with puppet plutocracies. Learn about the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is the pattern for the future, designed clandestinely by the corporatists. It is designed to transcend and supersede sovereign law and make international corporations more powerful than nations.

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