On the Path and Off

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The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians in Michigan has become the third Native American/First Nation tribe in North America to officially recognize and endorse marriage equality among ‘two-spirit’ (gay) couples. Two other tribes – the Coquille of Southern Oregon and the Suquamish of Washington State have already sanctioned marriage among members of the LGBTQ community. In a previous blog I related the beliefs of Native Americans concerning ‘gay’ members of their society before the invading Christian Europeans decimated our culture. There was no homophobia among the ‘Indians’ before the white man came, but sadly the imposition of Christianity on the Native Americans has for nearly two centuries twisted our thinking concerning gays. It is a healthy sign that as a people, native tribes are now throwing off the perversion of Judeo-Christian homophobia and officially proclaiming the rights of ‘two-spirits’ to wed as equally as heterosexuals do. As these three tribes have bravely blazed the trail back to our original beliefs more and more of the larger nations of ‘the people’ will follow suit and throw away the narrow-minded bigotry of fundamental Christianity.

In another news story, a federal judge in response to a law-suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, has ordered the public library of Salem, Missouri to stop blocking internet access to websites containing information about Native American religions and other non-mainstream spiritual beliefs to its patrons. Library officials in this conservative community have been systematically censoring the First Amendment rights of its patrons in order to ‘protect’ children from any religious information antithetical to the Judeo-Christian dogma. Libraries and schools, of all places must never censor knowledge or limit access to the free flow of information, but fundamentalist Christians have been foisting their narrow and intolerant beliefs on Americans in ever more pervasive venues, re-writing our laws, our textbooks, and seizing control of school-boards and library-boards across the country in order to cut off any access to beliefs other than their own. Many science classrooms in southern states controlled by Republican majorities are now bound by state law to teach creationism as science to school-children and minimize the legitimacy of evolution in their course curricula.

The intent of these efforts to censor Native American, Wiccan, and other beliefs which honor nature is to foster the ‘Dominionist’ philosophy of the Christian-right and encourage people to believe man has the right and even the duty to exploit the natural world as given to him from God. As a consequence, environmental protection and climate-science legislation will not be pursued so the wealthy corporate-class can continue to rape our world for their short-term profit at the expense of long-term sustainability. Even as we have reached the tipping point where environmental degradation has threatened our very survival, those who profit from its demise are more determined than ever to deflect attention away from concern for the environment towards the pursuit of profit at all costs. As weather patterns become increasingly ominous around the world, as the polar ice caps disappear, and sea-levels rise, the Republican protectors of wealth and capital-investment increase their efforts at denial, distracting the people from the ruinous path they’ve steered us on by suppressing all those belief-systems which could save us.

(c) March 8, 2013 – Bethany Ariel Frasier

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  1. I always wonder: What is the difference between those fundamentalist Christians and Islamic fundamentalists? Both are ideologically blinded in so many ways, both do not accept others having a different position. Both are blinded by false religion.

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