The Death of the Internet – Sickos and Idiots

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Oh, I do not mean you because you obviously read this. I mean those millions and billions of Internet-user who just spoil the idea of the ‘World as a Community’.

When the Internet was young, a few friends of mine and me had nice blogs, we shared out ideas about books, knitting, cooking, politics and many more. We visited each others blogs and commented after we read what the others wrote. internet user worlwideNowadays – it started with the so-called ‘Web 2.0’ many new users entered the Internet. Once we had the idiots in pubs or they were gambling in the streets or simply killing each other. Now they are here and all they do is stupid nonsense. Every idiot now has a mobile and clicks here and there, especially Facebook is such a place. Hey! Be the 1001th who likes this! Click here! Comments? Nope! Advertisements for products or other sites is all you can expect.

The ‘World as a Community’ has failed, because stupidity and ignorance, destructiveness and superficiality spoiled everything. I am afraid the biggest wave of destruction lies ahead of us. Remember my words.

China internet usersI watched this since many years and it was clear that it cannot be stopped. But I don’t worry and it does not really matter to me. Within all these years I found a few real friends and I am thankful for that. In a few years I will no longer be in the Internet. I buy a bigger house and perhaps I invite all my friends to stay with me.

Precondition for participants: no more Internet, no more TV… back to the roots!


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