It Was About Time, Google!

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Google punished by EU for abuse of weaker rivals with $2.7 billion fine.
Since many years Google takes money and gives privileges to advertisements.
It sucks, if better websites become downgraded in ranking by Google. This is not the idea of a free Internet!
BRUSSELS — European regulators fined Google a record 2.42 billion euros ($2.72 billion) for abusing its dominance of the online search market in a case that could be just the opening salvo in Europe’s attempt to curb the company’s clout on that continent.
The decision announced Tuesday by the European Commission punished Google for unfairly favoring its own online shopping recommendations in its search results. The commission is also conducting at least two other probes into the company’s business practices that could force Google to make even more changes in the way it bundles services on mobile devices and sells digital advertising.
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Hackful Thoughts

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Me: Our site has been hacked again, we have been informed by Google….

Admin: Really? I think all these hackers are little ugly guys who love to destroy nice sites…

Me: I don’t think so. They wear single-breasted suits and earn a lot of dirty money.

Admin: Money? By putting malware on other people’s sites? Bastards!

Me: No really. They are paid by enterprises to advertise, so they hijack websites and bring visitors to other sites. The malware often infect the attacked site in such a way, that the site collapses, but it still sends out tons of spam.

Admin: Those hackers are criminals!

Me: Sure. And those who pay them, too.


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