Why I use a PC instead of a Smartphone

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  • We all love Apps! They are free, some are useful and many are soooo funny. There are thousands of Apps which means thousands of possibilities for attacks.About 130 million people in the US have such a mobile phone, in Germany, more than 50 percent has a smartphone; in the UK, the share is two-thirds. The mini-computers have become personal communication centers, digital assistants and life coaches, and they know all about their users… social contacts, details about the user’s behavior and location, interests, photos, payment details and passwords.
    Secret Services are happy about this. Specialized teams began intensively studying Apple’s iPhone and its iOS operating system, as well as Google’s Android mobile operating system. Another team worked on ways to attack BlackBerry, which had been seen as an impregnable fortress until then.Analysts are enthusiastic about the geolocation data stored in smartphones and many of their apps, data that enables them to determine a user’s whereabouts at a given time.A recent article in the Wall Street Journal tested 101 popular applications for both iPhone and Android. Out of the 101 tested, here are the highlights of what they found:- Number of those apps that transmitted the phone’s unique ID number to other    companies without consent: 65
    – Number of apps that transmitted the phone’s location: 47
    – Number of those who sent age, gender, and other personal information to online   tracking companies: 5
  • On a PCs you can delete cookies but you can’t do this on your smartphone.Many pre-installed Apps spy on you and your habits. Often you cannot delete them. On a PC you can!

    I will leave all these spyware-adroids, tablets, Ipods to those who belong to the addicted flock of sheep who cannot live without their smartphone.

    You need a tip how to be safe from spying? Oh, here they are:

    – Put your phone into airplane mode while playing games.
    – Don’t post on commercial social media accounts (Hello, Facebook!) while connected to cellular data networks.
    – Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and geolocation on your phone.
    – Get rid of the smartphone.

“We live in an era of smart-phones and stupid people”

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