This was close, Earth!

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The ‘Killer-Asteroid’ – which was discovered in 2004 – will not hit the Earth in 2036, I read a few days ago. Oh, well, I thought so I will continue to work until pension.

Chelyabinsk MeteoriteBut out of the blue there was a flash of light and then a loud explosion bursting windows across the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. A large meteorite detonated over the city on Friday morning, injuring almost 1,000. The disaster could have been much larger.

Could no one foresee that? So all this brilliant science is helpless. Such a meteorite can hit us any time, anywhere. If it hits the right person we should not worry but disasters usually never ask if they hit the wrong people…

The international community must work together, a leading UN scientist said. Oh, good! More meteors please! Perhaps this is a chance to stop all this idiocy around us! Wink


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