You are a nasty bit of work, aren’t you?

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Oh, I love the British humour!

So what happened? Boris Johnson, London mayor who had great ambitions to be Prime Minister can forget about that now.

In an interview with Eddie Mair the Mayor was pressed over whether he lied to Tory leader Michael Howard about allegations of an affair in 2004 – which resulted in his resignation as shadow arts minister – and claims he was sacked from The Times more than two decades ago for making up a quote.

Mr Johnson stressed that “nothing eventuated” from the conversation, adding: “I think if any of us had our phone conversations bugged people say all sorts of fantastical things whilst talking to their friends.”

Mr Mair said: “You are a nasty bit of work, aren’t you?”Johnson

Oh, my! England again is divided! Johnson’s daddy furiously defends his poor son and distinguished English papers (if there are any) whimper about this fantastic piece of journalism.

Pulitzer prize for Eddie Mair!


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