A Twin’s Reflection

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Together did we share a womb.
Together were we born
Together did we share a room
And slept from night to morn

So alike we always seemed
Alike I thought we’d stay
But then we were no longer teamed
The day you turned away

Our battles over simple crimes
Repeatedly were waged
And ever did we waste the times
We hated and we raged

Never did we realize
The wounds would never heal
As long as we idealized
Our ever-selfish zeal

We turned and went our separate ways
Running from the pain
And ever I’ll regret those days
For nothing did we gain

I hoped to touch you once again
To feel your beating heart
And know you also suffered when
Our lives were torn apart

And for our sins might we atone
Were we to change direction
But now I fear we’ll stay alone
For you are only my reflection


(c) February 20th, 2014 – Bethany Ariel Frasier

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