Erdogan – Undertaker of Democracy

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You do not want justice to do their job and discover corruption amongst you and your folks? Just dismiss them!

There is a corruption investigation in Turkey

There is a corruption investigation in Turkey and all he does is to dismiss the investigating authorities.

You do not want your people to argue against ‘your’ decisions? Put ’em into prison, hit ’em, cut Internet!

2Sorry for the Turkish people – sorry for all the women who have to wear a headscarf and are suppressed by power-mad misogynist. In Turkey and worldwide.

We do not want dictators like Erdogan n the EU.

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Facts About Women

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Here are a few nice facts about us!

Sally fire-swordApproximately 2 of every 100 (2%) women in the world have a supernumerary nipple which is a 3rd nipple. Be proud of what ya got.

Female ejaculate is similar to male ejaculate, minus the sperm….

In the United States there are more women than men. Worldwide there are more males than females (100 men vs approx 98.6 women).

International Women’s Day is recognized on March 8th each year. Some countries recognize it as an official holiday.

Wyoming was the first U.S state to grant a woman the right to vote.Sally from Scotland

Archeological researchers have made a recent claim to have found evidence that the Queen of Sheba did in fact rule over Southern Arabia which was then known as the capital of the Kingdom of Sheba.

Although highly unlikely to succeed in a Sharia court, in Saudi Arabia an old law still in effect says that if a husband doesn’t give his wife coffee that the woman can divorce him.

There was a woman who was pregnant for 17 months 11 days and is recorded as the longest human pregnancy ever.

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Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act, 22 Republican Male Senators denied

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By a vote of 78 to 22 the Violence Against Women Act re-authorization passed through the Senate this week.

Except  for 22 male Republicans, everyone supported the bill.

Among  them were Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio, the Republicans’ rising star and hope for a future Presidential run in 2016.

Have a look at those 22 misogynists:

22 mysogynists











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The Mean-Spirited


(Otherwise Known As My Shit List) (Not a Complete List) (Not In Any Order) -The Taliban who kill women for educating themselves and who destroy world heritage sites and historic artifacts if they are not Islamic. -The Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading



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I’ve never been a proponent of modesty, either physically or intellectually. Its been a journey for me to cope with the culture of modesty which has been forced upon women by religion and cultural misogyny. Historically, most religions stress modesty … Continue reading