Teenage Pregnancy

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I was very annoyed after I recently talked to a 38 year old mother who lives in England. She told me that her ex-hubby is taking out her 13 year old daughter to a bar at night. He bought her a wet look dress and planned a meeting with a few friends.

I told that this is really no good idea and all she said was: ‘But I want to see my daughter happy.. and she looks like a real woman’ She added that her hubby will spend the night somewhere outside, perhaps including the friends.
teenage pregnancyI reminded her that UK has an extremely high rate of young, minor mothers and I told her that her ex-hubby behaves like a pimp. I also reminded her of her responsibilities as mother and further – a 13-year old girl may look like a real woman but from her inside she still is a child.

I stopped the discussion then, because it was useless. Either she was drunken or she was a complete idiot.

The UK has the highest teenage birth rates in Western Europe – twice as high as in Germany, three times as high as in France and six times as high as in the Netherlands. Low expectations of education and employment opportunities for some young people, ignorance about contraception, and mixed messages about sex from the adult world are all cited.
teenage mothersThe UK-welfare system in itself is an incentive to become a single non-working parent. Working two-parent families are treated as cash cows that can be milked to support any other lifestyle choice.

Well, it is so easy! The British welfare guarantees any single mother a flat. So their daughters follow their mom’s example. No education, no chance for a job but their will get a cheap home. England already lost her Empire, I am afraid she is about losing the rest.

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  1. In Europe England is famous for being a lackey of US…..

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