The Falls

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TS560x560You come for solitude, and solace. This place is your special paradise, farther upstream from where the lower falls gather into an awesome cascade attracting so many to its beauty. But these falls are smaller, more personal in scale, and a harder climb to reach for the throngs of tourists who crowd the base of the falls below, so you know you are alone, feeling the special beauty of a natural wonder which is yours to enjoy in peace. As you have done many times before you’ve waded into the foaming pool under the shower tumbling over the massive rocks of the cliff above. You’ve immersed yourself naked as you were when you were born, for this place is virgin purity in your mind and in your heart, drawing you in…beauty to beauty. As the effervescent pool rises around your perfect figure, circling your naked body with sparkling pure water, you close your eyes and cup your hands into its freshness, pulling up cool rivulets which chill your warm skin as it escapes through your slender fingers, following the sensuous curves of your figure as it returns down to the foam again. You cup your full, firm breasts with wet hands and feel your nipples hardening instantly into your palms. You look down at the marvel of your own beauty and are suddenly reminded that most of your body is still above the water-line, so you look to your sides and over your shoulder to see if anyone has intruded into your private world. You relax and close your eyes again as you move towards the mist that is flying off the waterfall. There is nothing but the roar of the falls all around you but again you feel you are not alone. You lower yourself instinctively into the water to hide your nudity until you are re-assured that no one is watching, but then you think to look up, and I am there.

Perched high above you in the rocks near the top of the torrent you see me through the spray sitting with my legs hidden in a side-pool looking down over the falls, in awe of the beauty I see. You. We just stare at each other. Against the glare of the sky you can only see the outline of my body, but I am naked too. My long hair is lifted in waves of silkiness as the breeze generated by the updraft of the falls pulls it away from my shoulders. I stand so you can see me better and know that I am like you, a kindred sister drawn to beauty. A sister who like you, is beautiful. I stretch my arm out and give you a friendly wave and you relax. More than relaxed, you rise from the water to let me see you in all your naked perfection, and you feel aroused when you see that slight movement of attention I make and know that I am aroused too. You watch anxiously as I thread my way down slippery rock crevices and draw closer to you. As I stand upon the edge of an out-cropping you see my whole body for the first time, no longer haloed by the glare of the sky. You see my smile. You see my beauty. But as I teeter on the edge, your excitement becomes tinged with alarm for you are afraid I am about to dive and the water in which you are standing is too shallow for me to survive the fall. But I know these falls, and angle my leap to the side where the pool is deeper. You wade through the water and enter the falls to cut across the distance directly, fearful of what you will find when you emerge from the cascade. Your footing upon the rocks makes the traverse slow-going and your heart begins to race with fear for me, but when you emerge from the shower I am there waiting for you with my wet hair pulled back over one shoulder, my breasts bobbing in the buoyant, oxygen-filled water. You reach out your hand and I swim over to you through the deep pool into which I plunged and regain my footing where the rocks rise beneath you.

“Hi”! we both say together and laugh as I take your hand and you pull me towards you. My foot slides down the slippery face of the the rock upon which I’ve approached you and you catch me, pulling our bodies together. I feel your warmth as my soft breasts press into yours and I hold onto you for support. Underwater my bare feet search for footing and briefly caress yours. I widen my stance so I can stand with you unsupported and feel the rushing water tickling my opening lips between my legs. My mind fills with erotic excitement at the rushing stimulation of my bare-shaved sex and I know the current of water is hitting you the same way. “It feels wonderful, doesn’t it”? you say, but the roar of the falls makes talking difficult so we just stand arm in arm and enjoy the exhilarating feelings we are sharing together. Whether by some magic of the falls or the perfect beauty of the moment, we both feel the connection between us and without even needing to know each others’ names we draw together under the rain of water to kiss. Tentatively at first, and then feeling a welcoming sense of oneness we close warmly upon each others’ mouths and make love with our tongues, learning and sharing not with words, but familiarizing each other with every wordless expression of passion our mouths can impart. As the thrill of the moment sweeps us up together as one pillar of fire the foam swirling around our joined bodies seems more like steam, for the coolness of the whirlpool cannot overcome the heat we are generating together! My thigh lifts and I wrap my leg around you pulling your mound tightly against mine and we both know we are going to share everything together, that the falls which were once our companions in solitude had given us both the gift of each other. Our passion would forever be linked to this place… to this moment, and our union would be consummated under its perfect veil. Hands caressing each others’ breasts in needful urgency and fingers exploring each others’ burning-hot pussies in the cool, swirling waters. My hair whips around in a wet twirl as your fingers find my G-spot and my body shudders in ecstasy. My knees start to buckle and you pull me tightly against you feeling my heartbeat pounding under our breasts. The fire burning in my eyes builds with yours and you smile a wicked grin that melts my heart. I want nothing more than to taste you, to bury my tongue in your sex and deliver you into paroxysms of pleasure.

With a devilish plan I throw us off-balance and we plunge into the foaming water laughing in each others arms and floating with the current towards the edge of the pool. Reaching a flat ledge we pull ourselves up onto the rock which has been warmed by the morning sun and sit together exploring each other with desirous eyes. We kiss and kiss again while I comb my fingers lovingly through your long, wet hair. Rivulets of water trace trails around your sensuous curves raising erotic goosebumps on your flawless skin. My fingertips lead my eyes as they caress their way to your nipples finding the delicious contrast of hardness upon softness. I knead you tenderly between wet fingers and you close your eyes, tilting your chin to the refreshing mist billowing from the falls in tenuous wind drafts. Your thighs part as I kneel between them and I gently lay you back upon soft mosses while my lips descend over your flesh, closing around your nipples. Your sudden intake of breath lifts your breasts into my face and I fill my palms with their soft weight, pulling them together as I suckle you needfully. A shiver trembles through you and I feel your ragged breath blowing away droplets of water as they collect upon your quivering lips. Your body shudders with an urgeful moan and I release your nipple, trailing my tongue down your tummy towards your welling sex. Your fingernails dig into soft moss in anticipation as I round your mons and soon your soft petals are gathered into my tugging lips. I cleave you with my tongue, tasting your sweet, silky discharge and your cries of joy are lost behind the roar of the falls. You look down and see the delighted smile in my eyes and weakly surrender your body to me as I slide my hands under the soft globes of your ass. You squirm and writhe as my tongue wiggles playfully into you and then climbs to tease your hardening nub from under its hood. Your thighs shake and I hold you fast to my lips feeling your climax approaching with every thrust of my tongue. At the edge of ecstasy you hover with your breath caught fast and I finally push you over the precipice like the water falling from the rocks far over our heads, and like the falls you spill your love into my mouth in surging convulsions of pleasure until you are utterly spent, and I am thoroughly satiated. The waterfall now belongs to both of us. We met under its watery canopy as strangers and emerged as lovers.

(c) 2008 Bethany Ariel Frasier

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  1. Omg that is hot!!! But also written so very well. I was caught up in it like I was there… But that would have been an intrusion.

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