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Sorry I haven’t been blogging much this week. Its tax time and I’m bogged down doing my taxes, or at least worrying about doing my taxes. I seem to be running out of time since I also have to do two of my family members’ taxes too, mainly because we are all Scottish and too cheap to pay a professional to do them. I took the day off and decided I’d plunge into the nightmare without any distractions and now my TV room carpet is no longer visible because I have receipts, forms, statements, schedules, and various other tax clutter strewn all over the floor trying to keep everything separate and organized. Now that I see it all stretched out before me I’m even more daunted than I was when I was merely procrastinating, so I retreated to the futon and climbed under my laptop to escape for a few minutes and do something I actually enjoy… so here’s today’s blog!To facilitate my escape I popped in a CD my sister brought me back from Denmark by Danny Cudd, called Timelessly Free. TC saw them performing in an outdoor street venue in Copenhagen last summer and thought I’d like their music so she used some of the money she had exchanged into Danish krones to get her big sister a present from her trip. She’s so sweet! Danny Cudd plays the ‘hang’ on this album. It is an unusual percussion instrument similar to a ‘pan’ or steel-drum like they play in Jamaican music only inverted into a dome. It was perfected in 2001 and has an interestingly unusual sound, so I’ve decided to ‘hang’ it all up tax-wise for awhile and listen to the ‘hang’ while I ‘hang’ around waiting for the will-power to go back to doing these heinous taxes!

But what I wanted to talk about today is a strange new theory that popped into my head recently to explain a phenomenon which has been baffling me for years. In a time when climate science and the daily news reports from around the world have conclusively demonstrated that the planet is heating up precipitously and civilization around the world appears to be facing calamity if not extinction as the ice caps melt, the oceans rise and drought-induced desertification and coastal flooding threatens agriculture worldwide, why has the class of the world’s wealthy corporatists completely swathed themselves in an impenetrable cloak of denial that global warming is even happening at all, let alone that it is caused by man’s industrial emissions of hydrocarbons and methane? Conservative governments in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are busily deregulating the oil and gas industry, approving tar-sand extraction and forging ahead with un-regulated frakking, all of which will only hasten our inevitable demise. In the meantime, the Republicans are implementing economic strategies into the legal-code which move massive amounts of wealth from the pockets of the poor and middle-class to the wealthy who need it the least. What is going on that could explain such cruel illogic behind international policy?

Here’s MY theory. The wealthy know damn well that global-warming has already passed the tipping-point and there is no averting the coming catastrophe. Most of the human race will assuredly perish within one or two generations and no amount of radical engineering can prevent it. Only the few will survive who have amassed personal fortunes vast enough to build defensible life-support zones for themselves and their families, so why allow any wealth to be squandered now on the rest who are doomed? Take everything they have now because it will be needed by the rich to preserve their existence after 5 or 6 billion have perished from starvation, thirst, violence, and disease and the few hundred million remaining are all clawing desperately at each other for survival. It doesn’t matter that the world will be a miserable and inhospitable hell. It didn’t matter to the duck-and-cover crowd 50 years ago who were determined to survive on dried-foods and bottled water in bomb-shelters dug out beneath their basements should the world end in a thermo-nuclear holocaust. It doesn’t matter to the gun-nut survivalists who for decades have been preparing for the collapse of civilization by stock-piling automatic weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and building backwoods bunkers they intend to defend with their lives.

The simple fact is these people are in it to win. You can’t point out to them that when the earth becomes an overheated and miserably inhospitable environment where everything we knew is gone that life simply will not be worth living. They don’t get it! They plan to live no matter how bad the world gets. Its not life. Its a game! They are in it to win! And they are preparing now! It has always been a game to the wealthy. When you have everything you could possibly need in life with millions to spare, why get even greedier? To WIN, of course! In Monopoly there is no winner until every player has been stripped of all their assets and one player has EVERYTHING! That is the mind-set of the wealthiest 1% of our population. The world is ending, so he who goes out with the most toys is the winner. The fact that we could have prevented the end of the world if 30 years ago we had worked together and taken prudent measures to convert to a sustainable-energy economy world-wide is irrelevant. We knew this was coming. We’ve been talking about it for decades. But doing something about it would have inconvenienced the wealthy vested interests who profit obscenely from oil, coal, and other non-renewables. And now it is too late. The wealthy don’t want sustainability because that entails a plan for the future where ALL mankind can do well and that requires sharing. That’s not how you win.

But don’t worry. This is only my theory, and writing about it gets me out of doing my taxes for a few minutes! So… WIN!

(c) Vernal Equinox, 2013 – Bethany Ariel Frasier

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